1. List of some recent projects

1.1 Sync Heat Map

The Sync Heat Map project enables latitude longitude sychronized display of Strava Heatmap with Google Map. (Both Strava Heatmap and Google Map are proprietary and copyrighted, but also currently available for free personal use).

Users of Strava Heatmap may be familiar with the difficulty of identifying locations at higher zooms due to the nature of the display. The extension attempts to overcome that difficulty.

The extension targets Chrome and Firefox diesktop browsers.

NOTE: This extension has not yet been made public.

This project is serving as gateway into javascript development for this developer.

reversible-preproc is a preprocessor core module written in Javascript and available on npm.

It's main benfits are:

  • The "defines" component is JSON format, allowing flexibilty and organization.
  • Two forms of conditional statements are allowed, use is not exclusive. These are embedded with comments in the file ot be processed
    • Psuedo-Javascript (Javascript eval is not used).
      • Parsing implemented with the JSEP Abstract Parse Tree (APT) module. A simple interpreter executes the ATP data.
    • Real-Javascript (Javascript eval is used).
      • Each conditional statement is a Javascript function eval'd passed the defines as an argument.
  • The disabled code regions of the processed file are marked with annotated comments (e.g., //!!), thus allowing the processing to be reversed.
    Therefore it is convenient for switching between configurations, e.g., between different levels of testing or production, and allowing modifications made in a debugger to be carried over to the next configuration without special merging. The reversibility moniker refers to this feature.

The functionality is available on npm in a CLI module reversible-preproc-cli.
A module for use in gulp is also planned.